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    Bloodstock's Strongest Man U105kg 3rd place

    Video of my last comp, was happy with the performance but definitely a few areas to work on.

    Log - should've had the 130kg, lost my air on the clean & couldn't breathe or get tight. Need to practice heavy cleans more and hone the technique, reckon i could've pressed this weight from the rack

    Yoke - slight stumble cost me the win on this and came 2nd by 0.1 of a second. Should've taken a couple more practice runs with the weight to get the balance point, usually my best event

    Deadlift - my worst event and the one that let me down the most on the day. Always been a bit of a weakness for me, I've worked hard on it and it has improved but still trying to figure out how best to train it. Frequency, intensity, touch & go vs paused reps etc I'm experimenting a lot. Need to get into the 300kg+ range as a minimum if I wanna be competitive internationally
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