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    Lifting for strength and explosiveness in Muay Thai

    Hey guys, I've been doing MT for about a year now and I'd like to start lifting for strength, explosivness and to improve fast twitch muscle fibers

    ( I don't know if this stuff is even real but I've done like two days of research and this stuff gets brought up a lot for athlete training )

    I've done weightlifting ( phraks gslp ) in the past but it was for aesthetics so I'm coming in as a novice with really good cardio.

    Ive been asking around and people are telling me olympic style lifts would help achieve my goals (strength, explosiveness, fast twitch muscle fiber development), but Im having a hard time finding a beginners program.. Right now im looking at the strength/power variant of canditos linear progression program but it looks a lot like SS? I feel like im in way over my head here

    Should I do something like " the olympic lifting version of SS " and focus on lifting with "explosiveness" or are there any programs you guys could recommend? Any suggestions/advice would be great, thanks yawl
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