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    Obese to Fit Body Transformation Journey (enroute)

    Firstly thank you for stopping by and taking interest in my fitness journey.

    I am making this to keep track of my Journey, which I hope will inspire others to make a similar change in their lives and to also motivate others to continue their regime. I hope this forum can be a platform to help me keep motivated and focussed. I hope to regularly post photos, measurements, diet, gym regime and answer (ask) questions or give (receive) advise.

    I decided to start this Journey after feeling depressed about my appearance, with a lack of motivation and socially reclusive, all while eating uncontrollably and putting on a considerable amount of weight. So on January 1 2018 I decided to transform my body, and begin this journey.

    I started the journey at 104.9kg, 124cm chest, 124cm waist, 108cm hips, 34.3 BMI and an estimated 38% body fat percentage.

    My initial regime involved me cutting my calories while intermittent fasting. I got to the 12kg lost mark and found I was starting to plateau. Mainly because I was binge eating at night, not exercising and not eating entirely healthily.

    I then started to eat 3 healthy meals a day, exercise 4 to 5 days a week with cardio. I continue to track my calories daily, aiming to eat 1,400 calories daily +-200 with the odd cheat meal that keeps me within my calorie aim. This broke the plateau and led to my current weight. It was hard painful work, which led to slow gains week on week on the scales. I still am not at my goal and I have much to work on.

    My current stats are 87.3kg, 110cm chest, 106cm waist, 95cm hips, 28.7 BMI, and an estimated 31% body fat percentage.

    I currently am not on a program, I don't lift and I don't take any supplements or whey protein.

    I admit this is a long journey, which won't be easy. But I've come this far in 7months. I'm looking for critiques, advise, feedback, tips and insights. I am more then happy to give advise to others wanting to take such a journey.
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