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    Questions from a recovering smoker

    Quick Stats:

    Height = 5'4" - generally stocky build naturally. Built like a midget version of a football player. (though right now, I am just a bit of a fatty)
    weight - 215 lbs
    ex-smoker - need to lose about 55-60 lbs
    former power lifter - I have experience both in lifting, and in proper nutrition

    So I am going to be quitting my nicotine gum this weekend and starting to slowly work myself back into a weight lifting and cardio routine. I am way out of shape and have fallen far from my early 20s when I was in good shape and was rocking 17" arms. Smoking, inactive lifestyle, and eating poorly has destroyed my hard work and at 34 years old, the clock is ticking on diabetes and heart disease. Obviously my health is my top priority, but I haven't appealed to my sense of vanity in a long time so that will very much be a part of my rehab process. I am familiar with HFLC and understand how to regulate my macros, and I also understand that adding in weight lifting can be problematic if you are running on straight ketones during the workout. So I come with questions that will address a variety of short term and long term concerns that I would like to head off so I get this started correctly, and successfully:

    1) Can I benefit from keto eating close to 75 carbs/day, loading most of my carbs prior to my work out? How long prior to my work out or post work out should I be eating these carbs to ensure maximum performance while reducing my chances of leaving a ketogenic state? Is that even possible? Would it be better to go on a more traditional weight lifters diet as I start things out and shift to keto when I am closer to a maintenance phase? I don't want to be counter productive.

    2) I have serious concerns about loose skin. All my weight is on my midsection. Obviously my health is #1, but I don't want to look like **** when all this is done. I have heard intermittent fasting will help your body get rid of the excess skin. Insight from anyone who has lost between 50 and 100 lbs of fat would be helpful to understand what kind of results I can expect. I want realistic expectations, but I want to set myself up for success as well.

    3) Suggestions for folks with lower back problems would also be helpful. I am scared to death of dead lifts and other riskier exercises so I need alternatives to avoid injury. Poor posture during my earlier days, coupled with my current weight problems make me very susceptible to getting an extremely sore back from almost nothing. I sneezed the other day and my lower back hurt for about 3 or 4 days after that. I know if I strengthen my back I can prevent a lot of these problems, but I want to be cautious. The pain is not constant, I guess I just feel prone to injury so I want to recover from that.

    I realize these are very detailed questions, so please feel free to address these in bits and pieces. Thank you in advance for any advice and suggestions you have.
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