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    New to the world of sweet gains and i'd like some opinions!

    I'm currently 6'0" and 175lbs. My goal is to tone what I have but ultimately I want to build muscle. I'm not big by any means, in fact i'm relatively skinny. Through lurking on this site for a while i've come up with a plan below:

    My workout routine consists of:
    Monday- off
    Tuesday- Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders
    Wednesday - off
    Thursday - Backs, Traps, and Biceps
    Friday - off
    Saturday - legs
    Sunday- off
    Monday - off
    With each workout day I also do two to three ab workouts after as well as a quarter - half mile run

    Not to make this a book but essentially I make sure to have a high protein breakfast (eggs, turkey bacon, Greek yogurt), a high calorie/carb lunch (chicken salad , pork sandwich, chicken and rice), and dinner I try to have a main meat (chicken, steak, salmon) with a vegetable and usually rice. I also snack intermittently in the day (almonds, humus here and there, and sometimes a protein bar)

    I take 4g of creatine and 2.5g of betaine every day with a scoop of high digesting carb (jym post).

    Gym days I take Pre-Jym before, bcaa/water during, and post-jym matrix+post-jym carb after; with a protein shake sometimes instead of the post.

    My question is, is this too much or too little for my goal of gaining muscle? Are these any alterations or suggestions you have to improve my current plan?

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    I personally feel like if you are training in 3-day splits, that its best to break it up into "Chest & Back", "Shoulders & Arms" then "legs", I have had good results training like that. As far as nutrition, sounds like you are on the right track! I would just make sure your pre-workout is creatine free, otherwise, you may not need to be taking 4gs.
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