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    Best Apps for personal trainers

    I am currently a personal trainer at LA Fitness. This is not my ideal place to train but it is my best option right now for where I live and lack of business knowledge to go out on my own. Im looking for a website and app that I can use to build and send workouts to my clients. There are so many options out there and I am not sure which one to start using. My biggest issue is, at one time I have between 30-40 individual clients that I am programming for. They usually only see me once or twice a week for our sessions at the gym for 25 minutes. I then have to make sure they have programs for other days they will be working out. Im trying to find something that I can build workouts and then they can access in an app and will be pretty easy to use and has a large exercise database to pull from. Im willing to pay for the service but most get expensive when you need to have unlimited clients which I would need. Since LA takes the majority of the session rate, I am not making enough to afford a high monthly payment for a service even though I have a large clients base. Also, LA does not provide us with any software/tools for programming. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Trainerize, MyPT Hub, PT Disnction
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    Have you used any of these with clients?

    Originally Posted by liamgt View Post
    Trainerize, MyPT Hub, PT Disnction
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