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    Question Should I gain mass for soccer or not?

    Okay I know soccer (football) is so much more about skills and game knowledge and what not.. But I really think I need to gain some weight (18 years old 5'7'' or 170cm and 124lbs or 56kg and I play as a midfielder or winger), here's why :
    (1) I am quick off the start but I after some distance I feel that my weight is not enough to keep increasing speed? Like my steps are not that powerful and I'm not stepping the ground as ''heavy'' as It would be needed?!
    (2) Even though I don't use my body to knock people off my way in order to dribble (I use pretty much my agility and speed), I think that It's easy to knock me off or cut off my dribbling course (even though 60% of the time I get fouled instead of that). In other words I'll be able to stay firmer at my feet when I dribble at high speed and maintain my balance but also to not get knocked so easily off the ball.
    (3)Most professional players at my height and playstyle (modric,iniesta,messi,sanchez,coutinho etc etc) weigh between the range of 142-155 lbs..
    (4)I feel like I will be able to control,shoot and DRIBBLE 10-20% percent better than I do..I will have more power in my stride! (probably)
    I don't remember other reasons..
    Thing is my coach always says that I'm lucky to be at that weight range(56kg or 124lbs) while having a healthy maintenance diet. He also thinks that lifting weights will make slower, and that I should do bodyweight circuit training or something? he never really explained. I think I should gain some weight to reach that 142-155lbs (65-70kg) with either weight training or bodyweight training while also doing speed training or training soccer in general ofc. Hell I think that even 62kg or 132lbs will seem to make a difference. Also should I gain weight ONLY doing leg training or smth like 70% legs and 30% upper body?
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    I'm not a soccer player (except a little years ago) but I want to mention something based on my experiences with my sports and what my friends who have played soccer for years have said. It's really based on how you feel comfortable playing. Yeah gaining weight can be advantageous in the ways you mentioned but if your body isn't comfortable with that extra weight then it won't matter. Some people perform better lighter, they feel the added mass just slows them down, while other feel that they're so light that they'll run so fast their feet will fly out from under them. I'm sorry I couldn't be more sports specific but I personally think you should experiment and see what weight you're most comfortable at and perform your best.
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    depends. are you trying to play college? or is this just high school jv/low level club. if you're playing or planning on playing at a good level the pace of the game is very fast and in my experience the physically smaller kids (unless they're incredibly technical) tend to make a lesser impact.
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