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    Me vs My S*** Tier Genetics in Quest to be a Hot Guy

    This is will be my public workout journal of shame.

    I've been working out regularly, 4 to 5 days a week, for about 8 years. I've gone to the gym with big dudes, learned from them, and I push myself harder than they do but I have poorer results... I'm still skinny fat. I've tried many different diets: Keto, Carnivor, Paleo, Intermittent fasting, prolonged fasting, Calorie counting but I haven't been able to get sustainable results yet with something I've been able to stick with for more than a few months... where my apatite doesn't grow bigger overpower all will power and I gorge until my belly comes right back.

    I've attached my before pictures.

    The strategy I'm going to go hard with, at least for now, is the 4 hour body. I'm reading through it and taking notes at the moment. I have realized, I'm far past my noob gains and can't just do whatever my muscles are craving at the gym anymore. I need to learn more and design higher quality experiments.

    Saying Goodbye to Fruit

    One interesting thing I've learned from the book so far is that fruit makes you fat. Fruit is something I've eating a good amount of because of the Anti-oxidants and the energy boost. But in committing to fully testing Tim Ferris's method, I'm giving up fruit except during my cheat day (Saturday). Giving up fruit and Nuts like Tim Suggest is good for me I think because I binge on those things when they are near me, I can't just eat a little bit.

    Side note:

    While I really do want to gain muscle and loose fat, when there are trade offs I always fully prioritize organ health, healthier skin and anti-aging.
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