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    Full Body or should i change?

    I have been on this routine for 3 months and i have seen amazing results,it s a full body workout every other day,sometimes i take 2 days off. Iwish to ask you what do you think of it? Any feedback would be amazing.
    Day 1:
    bench 3x3 ( every 3-4 weeks 1 rep max )
    ovhp 3x3
    d.lift 3x3
    t bar row 3x8
    power shrugs 3x6-8
    squat 3x5
    +accessory work ( arms,side delts,leg ext and curls 3x8-10)

    Day 2:
    paused bench 3x6-8
    rack pull under knee 5x5
    t bar row 3x 8-10
    shrugs 3x8-10
    front squat 5x5
    +accessory work ( arms,side delts,leg ext and curls 3x10-12)
    Day 3:
    bench 3x10-12
    d. lift 5x5
    t bar row 3x10-12
    rack pull above knee 3x10-12
    squat 3x10
    good mornings 3x10-12
    +accessory work ( arms,side delts,leg ext and curls 3x10-15)
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