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Thread: starting over

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    starting over

    hey everyone this is my first post on a forum so if I mess up that's why.

    Now that's out of the way! I went to the gym for the first time in 2 years last week after my ex left me a month ago. Now I've seen the inside of a gym before in my early 20s I used to live in the damn place even worked at one for a while. But today I finally understood the meaning of the gym and what the gym stood for. Its a place for personal growth not just a tool used to pick up girls. All those hours spent in the gym for all the wrong reasons. Starting over again is definitely hard to do but I feel with the correct mindset it just might make it easier. A new beginning.

    Anyone on here ever had to start over before after taking a few years off? Did your training change or your mindset?
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    Kind of. I never stopped working out, but when **** hit the fan in my personal life, I came back refocused and hungry. That's when working out became a time of peace and relaxation.

    I'd never put that much work in to impress a girl lol
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    whenever i take time off i regret it when i get back, all the time that couldve been used. but once i got back into it i feel great after each session. longest break i took was like 1 month though
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