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    Thumbs down How to Edit an Exercise Program and Apply it in BodySpace?

    I have a program I set up but I'm having trouble with the editing it. I made the adjustments on the desktop version and saved it but it won't reflect on the bodyspace app. I'm not really trying to stop the plan and reapply it since I'm within the plan currently and don't want to start over, any ideas???
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    I'm sure this is WAYYYYY too late but I just searched for the same thing and figured it out. If anyone else is looking....

    If you designed our own program by creating your own workout templates then adding those to each day and creating a program, you can simply edit individual workouts and they will automatically update in your program! I'm not using workouts I found but if they are able to be edited then it should work the same. Hope this helps somebody.

    If anyone needs to change the dates just create a new program by adding the saved templates to the days...shouldn't take long at all.
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