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    Is this a solid routine?

    Hey so I'm 16 Trying to build muscle my lifts after pretty week with my bench and squat being about 45 kg and my deadlifts being 60 kg I tried to do the all pro beginner routine but it just didn't make me tired of feel like I was working the body parts hard enough so I found a post with a split upper and lower routine and was wondering if you guys think this is a good one to follow

    Look here for workout templates:

    Start with full body routines, three workouts a week, 3 sets of 10 reps, 1 minute rest between set. Add weight when you can do 10 reps for all 3 sets. Do 20 reps for calves and abs.


    Squat (medium or close stance - do hack squats or use DBs if you don't have a rack)
    Leg Curl
    Standing Calf Raise (both feet simultaneously)
    Flat Bench Press
    Pullup/Pulldown (or Barbell Row if you don't have a lat tower)
    Overhead Press
    Barbell Curl
    Lying Triceps Extension

    When you stop gaining size from the above routine or find you can't train three times a week anymore because you are getting too tired, take a week off. After your layoff start another cycle but with a different rep range, either 8 or 12, or you can stick to 3x10 but use different exercises. Alternative rep ranges for calves and abs are 15 or 30.

    When you've outlived the usefulness of full body routines (you'll know as size gains will stop coming) then move to an upper/lower split routine, 4 workouts a week, 3 sets of 8 reps for the first workout and 3 sets of 12 reps for the second workout. Stick to 1 min rest between sets.



    Leg Extension
    Stiff Legged Deadlifts
    Leg Curl
    Front Plank
    Lunge Position Calf Raise (equivelent to a seated calf raise)
    Standing Calf Raise (one leg at a time with a DB)

    Incline Bench Press
    Flat Bench Press
    Barbell Row
    Side Lateral Raise
    Overhead Press
    Incline Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Overhead Triceps Extensions with DBs
    Close Grip Bench Presses/Close Grip Push Ups
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