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    I'm seeing some results, but still not happy. Any Advice?

    So, I am currently 183 lbs with about 14%-15% body fat. My body fat has been around the same for almost 8 months. I am currently doing the Down and Up Mass by Jim Stoppani. Its a 6 day a week program: Monday: Chest, triceps and Abs. Tuesday: Biceps, Back. Wednesday: Shoulders and Abs. Thursday: Legs. Friday: Chest, Triceps, Abs. Saturday: Biceps, Back. Sunday: Rest. Then on Monday I continue the program with Shoulders and so on and so on. I do have a question about that program. One week it says do 6-8 reps and then the next would be 12-16. Then the next week it would be 6-8 reps and then 16-20 and keeps going up and down. My question is on the weeks with higher reps how much less weight do I use cause I can't do the same weight with more reps. Im seeing great results in my biceps, triceps and shoulders, but chest not so much progress. I don't know if I should try a different program. I take Optimum Nutrition 2 scoops right after my workout and then at night I take Casein. I also take their pre-workout powder. I also have their creatine but unsure how many grams I should take a day. Im taking in about 180-200 grams of protein a day. Any advice would be appreciated. Goal is to get around 11% Body fat. I am a soccer referee so on weekends I burn alot of calories. This past weekend I burned 6200 calories on Saturday and 3500 calories on Sunday. Since I have to eat alot more on the weekends because I burn more, what should I eat those days.
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