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    This is mainly my introduction post

    I'm 27 years old, Australian, and obese.
    I currently weigh 110.8kg and have let myself go..
    For the majority of my life I spent most of my time isolated from other people, playing games, sitting in front of my computer each day, eating junk food and hating myself.

    I decided close to a week ago that enough is enough and it's time to shed the weight.
    So far over the past week, I have managed to lose 2 kg, which I'm happy about!

    I've mainly been calory counting and walking, any physical activity seems to hurt me, even if it isn't too much, walking hurts my feet, my muscles cramp up if I try to exercise, not sure why and I have pretty bad acid reflux which I assume is related to the weight.

    I fell down a flight of stairs recently and injured myself which has somewhat hindered my exercise, I've just been using a ground pedal bike instead of walking since I'm still quite sore from my accident

    Anyways I'm rambling, this is just my introduction, I'm curious, does anyone have any advice on some exercises I could do? Something effective that isn't too strenuous?

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