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    Strength training programs?

    I've been in countless forums pages and websites trying to sort out which routine will suit my goals the best (15M 47kg 165cm, obviously bulking), but whenever I find a routine that seems to be ok and then everyone is ****ting on it, I find another and it seems to be made for strength training, and some people say that it doesn't matter and I should be able to grow both muscle and strength with any decent routine, while others say that such routines are not suited for my goals, building muscle and achieving a good physique. So, what's the science behind it and if you were to recommend some specific kind of training, please list it or name a few. Thanks in advance!
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    Originally Posted by cubanyero View Post
    My left side of my body always feels more sore than the right side. It is also much stronger with my left chest being more developed. I am right handed so this doesn't make sense to me as I thought the right side would be more developed.

    No matter if I do an exercise that requires both arms such as the pull up or if I do a benchpress or pushup evenly the left arm will always feel more sore. What could be causing this and is there a way to fix it?
    Using dumbbells more often might benefit you as it requires each side the same effort
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