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    Student Teaching Meals

    Hey guys, starting in January, I will start student teaching as my college career is coming to an end. As many of you know, school meals (especially elementary schools) have skimpy meals. Yes, some people serving lunch give you a little more food, but it's not enough. What are some meals I can make at home the night before and then take to the school to heat up the next day? I generally eat 1,000+ calories per meal, if that helps. I've made chicken and rice before, but I was wondering if there were any other alternatives so I don't have to eat that 5 days a week for lunch. Thanks!
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    To keep it Simple Any meat + any carb + any veggies is a good baseline for meals. Adding things like Seeds, nuts and oils to these meals will help you get more total calories in, in a shorter amount of time so you dont have to eat as often. One tip i like is Toss 5-6lb of diced potatoes with oil and then bake them for like an hour. Thats carbs for like half the week and you can just spoon it out into tupperware.

    lean pork


    Veggies are endless, try combinations of leafy and starchy veggies for variety

    Just some tips that may help
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