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    Post Corona 6/week home workout

    Hi, im new here. I'm posting my 6/week 'Corona' inspired home workout. I refrained from circuit trainings and such and tried to emulate a strength/bodybuilding program as close as I could with limited equipment (alternatives to a bar and dumbbells are also included). The reason it's 6 time is that a lot of people have, unfortunately, a lot of free time on their hands. Might as well make the best of the situation...

    Close grip push ups
    Pistol squats
    Hip thrusts
    Rear delt raise [backpack/band]
    Abs circuit

    Pike push ups
    Chin up [chairs/bar/bands]
    Row [chairs, alt: black widows]
    Lateral raises [backpack/band]
    Calf raises

    Chest fly
    Tricep kickbacks [backpack]
    Triceps extensions [backpack]
    Split squats Slick floor ham curls Rotational push ups

    Pull ups [chairs/bar/bands]
    Single arm row with backpack
    Pike push ups
    Biceps curls [backpack]
    Abs circuit
    Angels and devils

    Pistol squats
    Romanian deadlift
    (alt: one legged stiff deadlift)
    Abductor goblet squat floor slide
    Side lying leg lift
    One legged calf raises

    Archer push ups
    Lateral raises [backpack, band]
    Incline close grip push ups
    Biceps incline [backpack, band]
    Biceps decline [backpack]
    Face pulls [books, jugs]

    3 sets of each exercise, 90-120second breaks between.
    Reps are harder to pin down, since bodyweight excercises are not as easy to progressively overload. that being said, 8-12 & 10-20 rep range can be achieved on most. When the upper rep range is reached, weight should be added or the excercise variation should be harder.

    I hope this helps someone. I hope it helps me, as well.
    I am more than open to feedback, it's closer to say im really begging for it. Would like to discuss this with people and make it as good as it can be.

    Thanks for reading this & thanks for joining the conversation if you do
    And please, do sh*t on me, but refrain from destructive comments and foul langague, we should everyone like the gentlemen we are (except people that do those crossfit pullups maybe).
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