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    **PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING**Requirements and Application Form**READ ME**

    Minimum Requirements:
    Must be a member for more than one year.
    No bans.
    No multiple accounts.
    Must be over the age of 21.
    No trolls.
    Infractions will be looked upon on a case by case basis.
    No current employees or reps of supps companies.
    You must have only one account (no multis or second accounts).
    You must be able to be trusted with sensitive information.

    Moderator Application Form:

    Most active in the following sections:

    Most active during the following times (Use U.S Mountain Daylight Time.)
    Have you ever received any warnings/infractions? If so, when and why?

    Have you ever been involuntarily banned? If so, when and why?

    Have you ever been told by a moderator that you were trolling, flaming or otherwise breaking the rules? If so, when and why?

    Have you ever had any other accounts?

    Link to your BodySpace profile:

    Qualitative Analysis - Subjective Evaluation

    1) Name your top qualities as a forum member:

    2) Why do you want to be a part of the mod team?

    3) What do you bring to the team?

    4)Tell us about your fitness related background.

    5)Explain why you can be trusted with personal/sensitive information.

    Please fill out all fields accurately and truthfully and email to:
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