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    "Gainer" I-Phone App

    Hey Guys

    So I've been trying out this app on my I-Phone (Not sure if it's on android or other devices) titled "Gainer" and I've really been enjoying it! In effect the app is a glorified grocery list, with a few other features added in to assist in your diet.

    Basically you put in you height, age and weight and based on that the app gives you a list of groceries to buy and check off in the "Shop" section. Once you have purchased all the food listed the app takes you to the "Eat" section where you are given a daily allotment of food. It also provides tips for food preparation and storage in the "Cook" section, however most of this is stuff I know already.

    At the end of each week you simply go to the settings icon in the top right hand corner of the app and hit "Start New Week", you enter your current weight and the app provides you with a new list of food to buy for the next week.

    As suggested by the name, the app basically assumes that you are in the process of trying to pack on mass and that you do pretty intense workouts, although you can increase or decrease the calories in intervals of 5% up to 25%.

    Not everything is perfect about the app though. For example the app told me to get 48oz of frozen spinach for the week and then told me to eat 48oz a day, this is a minor bug and it's pretty easy to adjust the daily serving size yourself but it is a bit annoying. Also there is no option to have the app give you sizes in metric, only imperial measurement sizes are used.

    So far I really like the app! It's quite beautiful in it's simplicity, so much so that I can't believe someone hasn't made something like this before. Then again maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

    I'm interested to hear what some of you guys have to say about the app and if any of you have tried it, or have any insight on any disadvantages this may have.
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