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    Question Balding guy trying to get fit/gain confidence - in need of advice

    Hi everyone. Looking for some advice if possible!

    The situation: So basically I've gone fully bald and it has motivated to sort my body out and get into really good shape to try get some mojo back. So far I've lost 33lbs (204 down to 171) and I am unsure of where to go next start regarding both diet and exercise. Have read lots of conflicting stuff in terms of bulk or cut, macros, and workout splits.

    Current body: I will attach pics, but I'm probably in the skinny-fat category now - 5'10 (178cm) and 171lbs (77kg). Not much muscle, I have only ever gone to the gym sporadically. I also think I have some terrible posture issues from sitting too much which may be affecting how skinny or fat I look from varying angles.

    Body goals: End goal is to get about as large/muscular as possible, at around 15% - 20% body fat. I don't want to be 'shredded' as I don't think it would suit me. Also to fix the horrible posture!

    Advice I'm looking for:

    1. Bulk or cut?
    (I'm concerned about cutting first, losing weight and end up looking like I'm having chemo due to being skinny and bald. But I'm also concerned about bulking on top of being skinny-fat and just ending up fat)

    2. Do I need to track calories and macros?

    3. Which program should I do?

    Any advice on any of this would be much appreciated, thanks.
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