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    Rocky Joe's Road to Recovery (With Allpro and Fierce 5)

    Long story short, I just fully recovered from two pilonidal cyst surgeries. One of the wounds broke open and got infected. The pain meds killed my appetite and I dropped about 30 pounds. I'm 120 now and am weak as ****.

    I'm also borderline anorexic. It's time to bulk up and work out to regain my old strength and what little muscle mass I had.

    I've calculated my caloric intake and I'm bumping it up from 1600 cal to about 2,500. Then more if I don't see an increase in weight. I'm also cleaning up my diet. No sugary sweets, less coffee, no sodas, less beer, and I'll just eat plenty of lean meats, fish, veggies, and good carbs.

    Macros are gonna be 40 protein/40 carbs/20 fats

    My goals are to be both big and strong. I want to lift heavy weights and look like that I actually do lift weights. Also I just want to be healthier.

    Anyways, I've been deciding between Fierce 5 and Allpros. Both seem to be respectable programs and ideal to my goals, granted I actually eat enough.

    So far I've done one week of fierce 5 and here are my stats

    Workout A
    Squats: 115 lbs
    Bench: 95 lbs
    Pendlay Rows: 65 lbs (these are tough)
    DB Reverse flies: 7.5 lbs
    Calf extension: 60 lbs
    Tricep pressdowns: 30 lbs (might switch to skullcrushers as the pressdowns always seem to be in use at my gym)

    Workout B
    Deadlift: 65 lbs (I've never done conventional deadlifts before, only SLDL's)
    OHP: 55 lbs (weak..)
    Lat pulldowns: 30 lbs
    Leg Curls: 70 lbs
    Ab work: did some weighted decline situps, leg lifts, bicycle kicks but I forgot to write down the weight i used for the weighted decline
    BB curls: 55 lbs

    Overall, I'm pretty weak but this will all change. I'm going to try Allpro's next week and see if I like that more or not. The slow progression seems kind of iffy but I've seen people with awesome results from it.
    Also, can anyone recommend me some ab workouts? I kind of just do whatever for those but I would like some further input.

    I'm also going to post before pics.
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