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    left trap bigger/thicker...left lat smaller? how to fix?

    So i went to see an orthepedic surgeon for my right shoulder issue i was having and while i was there i asked abt my left scapula as i thought it was winging...he said its not but my left trap is much more developed.than my right...i still think my shoulder blade sticks out more when trying to flare my lats and my wife agrees...

    That being said ive been working out for abt 6 months on fullbody and upper lower splits..i am now switching to a more traditional 4 day split...what should i do to try and fix these imbalances...on bb rows and pulluos i try to maintain form and a parallel bar etc but i dont feel the lat activation as much as i should and left lat wont flare and it doesnt start as low on my back as the right.

    And how to fix trap imbalances?...can a tight trap cause my rotation issue...i men The left lat is smaller but i can get it to flare sometimes and its not as bad...but just at a relaxed stance my right is wider and it really bothers me...thinking of lowering weights until i can fix these issues...

    Any particular stretches or exercises u recommend?
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