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    Sheiko universal spreadsheet

    Just finished converting the Universal appropriate program part 1 and part 2 from Sheiko's site to excel.

    Some random notes about the program:

    If you're unsure about some of the special preparatory exercises you can go to his site to see some examples and which ones he recommends:

    When the reps are written as 5,4,3,8... that means 1 set of 5, then 1 set of 4, etc...

    From boris's facebook page:

    The paused deadlifts are supposed to be paused for 0.5-1 sec then returned back to the floor

    Regarding board height and chain weight:
    "1. Up to 90% use 5 cm board, when you are going to press 95% - 100% and you are not confident in your abilities - use 10 cm board.

    2. Weight of chains for every side is 5-10 kg. Percentage of bench press has to include chains weight. When your arms are straight (start/final position) 2-3 chain links have to be on the floor. The same for deadlift and bench press."
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