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    Bicep pain during skull crushers and pushdowns (Why bicep, why?)

    I have a strange problem. My right bicep gets all activated and painful when I'm trying to do skull crushers and pushdowns for my triceps. I thought surely my form was seriously messed up so I asked several people including a legit trainer to examine my form. All have told me that my form is the way it's supposed to be.

    These exercises never gave me grief before, and up till now I was making good gains. The part where it hurts is the front of the elbow where the bicep muscle joins the tendon, and it's only on the right side. I thought maybe I had some problem with the tendon itself but here's the part that really doesn't make sense: direct bicep work feels just fine. I can curl heavy and do chinups without pain. Yet when I try to do a tricep pushdown, the bicep gets activated and hurts.

    There are other tricep exercises I can do (behind the head dumbbell raises don't hurt a bit, and bench presses are fine), but I don't understand why my bicep won't just chill out and let me do pushdowns and skulls. Anyone else ever had this happen?
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    This has been happening to me too, if someone ever tells you how to fix it can you let me know?
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