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    Searching for Hakker's routines (HYBRID and H4GS)

    Im currently researching height increase in puberty and have already read a lot about it, from Chondrozyte Proliferation to FGFR3, MMP-13 or the Ihh/PTHrP loop and much more.
    The aim behind this is to grow 4-5 inches (10-12cm) over my genetical height [reach 185-187 (6'1"/6'2")] (epiphyseal plates still open; Estimated adut height: 180cm (5'11")) while being in puberty and having active plates.
    From all methods which i've found 3 convinced me to use them for my attempt to increase final height.

    -The first one is the most simple/cheapest method increasing HGH production in the body by taking high doses of Niacin and slightly inhibiting Aromatase (Oestrogen) [and increase some factors] through Melatonin.
    It also includes sprinting and sleeping for at least 8 hours.

    -The second is the H.U.S.S. method where the point is to increase GH secretion through Pepdide hormones in your body and signaling the pi3k-pathway inducing chondrocyte differentiation and as a consequence of this, showing the role of pi3k in the endochondral bone growth process. Increasing/Keeping DNA Methylation to {prevent epiphysal plates from ossifying?/reactivate them??} and inhibiting Somatostatin is also part of the routine.

    -The third one is something similar from a guy named "Xcrunner" who wants to prevent bone maturation/maturation, stimulate the pi3k pathway (like Hakker) and IGF-1 which increases osteoblast proliferation, let the bone grow through healing microfractures caused by playing basketball and keep the body's "feedback loop" negative (preventing accumulation of testosterone in your blood -> release of GH inhibited if "negative").
    He also mentions 2 Supplements which can theoretically make you grow at any age and "forever" but they are difficult to find and as said very expensive.

    At the moment im waiting for the supplements for the "Xcrunner-method" and doing the M.E.N.S (Melatonin.Excercise.Niacin.Sleep) and consider to start the HUSS method as soon as possible.

    I have read about the 2 routines (HYBRID and H4GS) but i could never find instructions or a list of required compounds.

    I would be grateful if somebody could post/send me these routines if he has still access to them.
    If you have questions/ideas/improvements or something similar send me an E-Mail

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