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    Too many calories?

    Hi all,

    I am just getting into the world of bodybuilding/fitness and would really appreciate a bit of advice on the amount of calories i need to consume daily.

    I'm currently 29yrs (bit of a late starter!!), 5ft 11 and 206lbs. My goal is to build muscle and lose fat.

    After looking on various websites it seems that i need to be consuming per meal (based on 6 meals per day)

    440 cals
    33g protein
    55g carbs
    9g fat

    I love my food and don't mind eating that amount but i am worried because after looking at literally dozens and dozens of people's recipe ideas on here and on other sites (things like post workout shakes etc), none of the recipes protein/carb/fat contents even come close to these figures. Am i missing something? I know at 206 i'm not exactly skinny but i'm hardly Andre the Giant!!

    Thanks in advance

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