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    Thumbs up Review of Liftmode L-Theanine

    I have been meaning to try l-theanine and recently ordered it from Lift Mode on It arrived the other day. My intentions are to use this product for focusing on schoolwork and for focusing on a workout.

    The product itself is a fluffy white powder, similar to talcum powder in texture. The product came in a resealable plastic jar with a measuring spoon (one scoop equals about 200mg which is roughly a serving).
    The theanine itself has a mild sweet taste, not bad tasting at all.

    For my first dose I tried mixing a scoop with a glass of water. The l-theanine did not dissolve well at all, but was easy to get down nonetheless. The powder basically just floated on top of the water. Subsequent doses were taken with hot coffee in which it dissolved better, but still not very well.
    Regardless, because a dose is such a tiny amount of powder and the taste is relatively unoffensive it was very easy to get down. I do wish it dissolved better though.

    After taking the product I definitely felt it kick in within about 25 minutes. I felt a mild rush (not quite euphoria, but definitely a slight mood lift) and relaxed. The most profound effect I noticed was that I felt really clearheaded- any brain fog a had had vanished. I proceeded to complete a school assignment (college level and rather tedious). I found i was able to focus very well, was in a good mood, and worked consistently until the assignment was completed.

    The second time i took a dose before going to the gym. At first I was hesitant because it made me relaxed and I was afraid that I would have less energy. On the contrary I felt as if I had more motivational energy, while being relaxed at the same time. My workout was great and complete. No i did not lift ten extra pounds or anything, but i definitely noticed a focused energy which helped me a lot.

    Overall I like this product. I found it more useful for focusing on schoolwork than for working out, but definitely useful for both. The company i purchased it from, Liftmode, definitely seems to be reputable. The product came with a lab-result sheet with the purity of the product (99.4% in my case). The product was also delivered quickly, and the price was cheaper than that of ANY competitor. I'm definitely a new customer of theirs for life.

    L-Theanine: positive results overall.
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