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    Shredz Alpha Male Stack

    I starting working out around may again after going from 185 - 190 muscle to 185 fat. I started taking shreds alpha male package to help with the work out and to reach my goals for me this worked so far i have to the end of august to reach my goal of 190 again seeing that i dropped down to 155 at one point now at 170. i never had problem losing weight just eat right im one of those lucky ones that lose it easy. The down side for me was always gaining weight. So Shredz so far has worked out well with little to no side affects for me. Has anyone else tried Shredz or if you can give me some advise on reaching my 190 goal in a month ill appreciate that to

    so if you can give me advise on what might help me along with what im doing already i buy there products on ebay or amazon right now if you want to see what they offer
    but if i had to rate Shredz ill give them a 8/9 out of 10 for now

    So 190 here i come
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