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    Post Up! A Guide to Inside of Basketball

    I felt like there was a need to have a quick chat about Post Play, an article dealing with mainly people that play Power Forward and Center, however a skilled outside player can learn these and it will greatly improve their game as well.

    There are two main points to post play: mindsets/beliefs and techniques/moves. They go hand in hand as your mindset/beliefs affect how well you perform your moves, and practicing your moves and perfecting your skills will improve your mindset/beliefs about yourself.

    Mindset/beliefs are THE most important part of any position in basketball. You ever seen a guy who shines at tryouts, but stinks up the court when the real show starts? He throws good passes, makes over half their shots, snatches rebounds over everyone? They're very agile and have great instincts you wish you had... IN PRACTICE? But in a game they piss their pants? Here's my take on it: You can practice your skills all day and have them perfected, but when crunchtime comes if your mind isn't right you WILL crack. When a leading player cracks, the team falls with it, there can be NO weak links in a chain or the chain is worthless. Whatever you see here should be kept in mind at almost all times, take these affirmations and make them your own.

    -Don't be negative like "I'm not a loser". It should be something like positive "I'm a winner/king/beast".
    -Love contact. Get physical and play physical, keep your arm on your man at all times.
    -Love Sprinting and jumping full speed into the goal.
    -Love soreness and sweat, as if it's holy water.
    -Always expect a pass. ALWAYS!
    -Always look for an open man to pass to. ALWAYS!!
    -Always expect a missed shot. ALWAYS!!!
    -Have confidence in yourself, your skills, your defense and your shot. You practiced hard as hell to make them great so it's only just that you would be.
    -Your shot was blocked. Slammed, and badly, it went all the way into the stands. Do you give a living ****? HELL NO!!! It happens, thats basketball!

    Consciously tell yourself statements like these 30 times a day for 30 days, and by then it should start breaking through to your subconscious and these beliefs will become engraved into the back of your mind, see a change in performance just off that. BASICALLY, YOU'LL START TO REALLY BELIEVE THESE STATEMENTS AND THEY'LL BECOME A PART OF YOU.

    You also could take a short cut and put these directly into your brain with self-hypnosis, which is a way of speaking directly to your subconscious and changing your beliefs. but that's way off subject and it's a very "out of the box" approach most people wouldn't be comfortable with anyways.


    Moves/Techniques of Postplay.
    These are the basic moves of post play. With each of these moves there should be a counter move to go with it so you're not a predictable player. A predictable player is something you NEVER EVER EVER want to be. Predictable people lose games.

    Low Post
    Posting Up: Square up on the low post IN FRONT OF the block or the closest line to the goal. Hands Out! Do you want the ball or not?! Put your body on the defense so they can't intercept the pass, if you must use your arm to help keep them back as well, and use your leg to lock them away from your out hand.

    Power Layup/Bankshot:
    Power layup: When guarded closely. Get the ball, lean into your opponent, look over your shoulder to see what side they are cheating on. if their right leg is forward, put your right leg behind theirs to lock them where they are and drop step into the goal, and jump with all your might and both hands toward the goal and do a layup. Try to jump into the defensive man guarding you. Why? Because most likely they'll try to still block your shot and wind up fouling you, assuming you locked them out right, as that's all they can do to stop you. Freethrows! Get strong enough to score even while being fouled and you can turn this, the MOST basic post move, into a frequent 3-point play.

    Bankshot (((Counter))): When guarded distantly. Have your hands (both) and one of your legs a step out toward the foul-line extended. That way when the pass comes you can step into it and be in perfect position for the shot. jump and fire quickly at the top corner of the box and it should drop in for points.

    Hookshot: Post up, get the ball and drive into the lane, palm the ball with the farthest hand from the goal swing it upward, jump and toss it over your head into the goal. This is a move that if done right is unstoppable, so there is no counter for this. However this doesn't mean some unknowing center won't try to block it. When this happens, instead of getting your two point you can fake, power dribble and go for the 3 point play.

    High Post

    When in the low post and the wing on the other side has the ball. Fake like you're going to the other wing, then break to the high corner of the key, the closest to the wing with the ball. When you get there, on your last step turn your foot so it hits the ground facing the goal. You'll see that your body will automatically turn to face the goal. This gives you an extra half second to make your move. Doesn't sound like much? A half second can mean the difference between making the 1 point winning shot, and ending a losing game with your shot getting knocked into the stands. With that said...

    Jump Shot: When guarded distantly or they haven't caught up. No need to explain how to shoot here, you can find that anywhere, just MAKE SURE YOU JUMP and JUMP HIGH! If you don't there's a VERY good chance you'll still get blocked.

    Layup (((Counter))): If they are playing you close or are still running after you. Just take off or fake a shot and lay it/dunk it in.

    Dish: Pass the ball! When you get the ball at the high post, most of the team should rotate to good scoring positions for you to pass to.

    The Needs/Requirements to be a Good Post Player

    -Great Shape-
    ***If you're able to sprint down and back with the most athletic guards then half your game is set
    ***In the post you can't do very much without strength. It's not EVERYTHING, but it's vital.
    ***Post Players Wanted! Softies need not apply. If you don't like contact, get used to it, it's the bread and butter of post play.
    -Can Shoot-
    ***You don't need to be a 3 point bomber, but a good mid range and a bankshot will take you pretty far.
    *****part of shooting, but the most important aspect, I can't believe I almost missed it. Freethrows are THE most important shot a player can have in ANY position, whether it is the post or perimeter. They most often make THE BIGGEST difference between winning and losing games, especially close ones, and games where the refs are sharp. Adding this to a good post player's arsenal can make a devastating effect on your game as you punish other teams with your 3 point plays.

    ***Take control! The nitty gritty heart & soul of the game is in the post player area. If you control the post area you pretty much control the game.

    That's about all you need, anything I missed feel free to comment.
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    Post play... Good times...
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