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    Need some motivation. Medical Issues.

    Been under some medical stress.

    I MAY have lupus. *sigh*

    I am just starting adult ADD medicine (had known it was coming a long time, got myself to the point where literally everything else in my life was maxxed before starting Adderall a few days ago, can't get any further without it[srs]).

    Got my first ultrasound regarding cancer today and am awaiting results on Friday. (It is either cancer or some really nasty cysts, either one I can't really afford to have removed)

    On one level I have had tremendous success. Redefining my body going from here to here.

    But in the middle I had more mass/better composition before I got sick.

    I feel like I lost a little ground over the last couple of weeks due to medication change which is causing a bit of water retention, ruining my definition, and binge eating the first two days (seems to be getting better as I understand my body better in relation to the meds).

    What should I say to myself? How do you reach down and find the motivation to go forward when the wall just seems to be getting higher?

    I know I'm going to be alright, but I can't stop "hitting it hard" like I have been for the last few months. Guidance.
    When the going get weird, the weird turn pro.
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    I know trying to find motivation when it seems the hole is getting seems impossible, but it isn't. The ones who just give up on everything they have gained are the ones that look at it as impossible, but the ones that keep fighting for what they are trying to achieve make the impossible, possible. Keep asking yourself "How bad do I want this" and "how am I going to get it" No matter how many times you fall, fall forward and pick yourself up. At least you'll be making some kind of progress. Sometimes your weaknesses can become your strengths. If you can't lift weight you used to, maybe going with lighter weight, but changing the tempo up could help. As long as you're training with intensity, no matter what the weight is, you'll make progress. Keep thinking about building that body you've always wanted. "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers" - Orison Swett Marden. Don't EVER let go of your dream because if you do, you might not get it back. I know it seems like life is controlling you, but don't let it. You should grab life by the throat and control it. Don't ever give up because I won't give up on you. There will always be someone cheering you on know matter where you are or how far you are. I hope this helped
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    i was born with cerebral palsy, i have severe s****osis in my back that causes me to have a constant gut because my spine isnt straight. my right hip needs replacing but its too dangerous for surgery, i can barely use my left hand. i have all this going against me but im still pushing to get in the shape that i want. you cant let your body stop you from doing what you want. if i can do this, you can do it. it sounds like youve beaten a lot of odds man, dont stop now!!! if you need more support just send a message m way man. you got this.
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