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Thread: X-Rep Workouts

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    X-Rep Workouts


    My progress has stalled a bit so was looking for some variations; came across the X-Rep methods. Sounds interesting as people has had good results from it.
    Was wondering if anyone can help me with some of their ebooks -

    1. Pre-Ex 3X Mass Workout
    2. 4X Mass Workout
    3. The X-centric Mass Workout
    4. The X-traordinary X-Rep Workout
    5. The Ultimate Power-Density Mass Workout
    6. The Ultimate 10x10 Mass Workout

    I have their X-Treme Lean book - can exchange it with you if you like.

    PS - My intention is not to hurt anyone's feeling with this ebook exchange; so if anyone passing by this thread gets annoyed with my request then I apologise beforehand. Just looking for some help.

    Tnxxxxxx Heaps.... pm me / email me @

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