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    Smile Happy New Year everybody -Peter from

    I;m really excited that I found this community of motivated people,driven towards health and look at myself and I realized that \I need to loose at least 20 lbs and get back my muscle shape and fitness.
    However,being business man-Model and Talent Agent I also realized that this is a place I can finally reach fit and good looking people
    -Males and Females,all ages.
    Presently we are seeking Males and Females to work with us on various project,some of which require fit bodies,
    If any of you is interested,please visit our Booking System and Sponsorship System (where you can find paid gigs and get yourself private or corporate sponsor)at: and apply as Model/Talent
    I will be more then happy to help
    I will also appreciate any motivational and other advice to reach my fitness goal.


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