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    88 Burpee Challenge

    I recently started the "88 Burpee Challenge". There have been 88 African Americans brutally killed by police officers so far this year, and me being 16 I couldn't think of a way to raise awareness. As I was doing a distance run this morning (6 miles). I came up with the idea to start the 88 Burpee Challenge. Its pretty simple. You press record on your phone, or just take a picture sometime during the workout. All you have to do is 88 burpees. You can take as many breaks as you want, or do it all at once. My goal was to get some celebrity or athlete to do it to get others to join in but I've been having trouble. I just want to get as many people to do it as I can. I don't need any tag or anything wherever you post it. My Instagram is gabedel_re if you would like to dm me or see some of the stuff I posted about the challenge.
    HOW TO:
    Complete 88 Burpees
    have some sort of picture, video taken during the challenge
    Post it to any social media you would like to
    use the tag #88BURPEECHALLENGE
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