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    Smile Natty Summer Cycle! 8 Week Osta, Recycle, Forma Stanzol, Creatine!!!

    I am more of a browser than a poster but i have been getting really good effects from my natty (semi) cycle this summer. I wanted to give yall an update and review of my cycle so far. I am at the end of week 4 and have four more weeks to go.

    Goals: Lean Bulk, Recomp to get fit and look good for back to school. I wanted to lean up while adding muscle with minimum side effects and at a reasonable cost. I have had more positive effects than i thought and also some side effects that I will talk about.
    I wanted to start off by saying any comments (good or bad) and questions are welcomed.

    I am at the end of the great age of 21.
    5' 10" on a good day.
    Started the cycle at morning weight 162lbs and walking around at about 165lbs.
    I have been lifting on and off for about 6 years now.
    I have only been back in the gym for around 3 months after a 5 month hiatus due to school, personal issues, and laziness. Feels great to be back!!
    My powerlifting stats are guesses as I have not maxed in a while. Also to note is I have been lifting light on chest because I had a partial tear in my right pectoral when i first got back into the gym:
    Flat BB Bench: 225lbs
    Squat: 360lbs
    I love love love squats! It wont be long until i get back into the 1000 club, hopefully by the end of this cycle!

    My diet has been decently clean. On my healthy scale of 1-10, I would place it at an 8.5. Eating around 350 calories over maintenance.

    So time for the cycle and reviews:
    ON Creatine Monohydrate: 20/5/5/5/5/5/5/5
    Purus Labs Recycle (test boost): 4/4/4/4/0/0/0/0
    Ostarine: 0/15/15/20/20/25/25/lower by 5 until 0
    MS Forma Stanzol: 0/0/0/0/15/20/20/20/ lower to 0
    Plus some staples: multi, fish oil, and whey protein (1 "super shake" and 1 normal shake a day)

    All of this cost me $165. The Forma Stanzol was a late add because of gyno flare up as you can see in my profile picture, should have been prepared.

    My workout routine is:
    This is generally done on an every other day schedule for me. I am strict at taking the time to stretch for ten minutes and running .8-1.5 miles before every workout. I also add abs twice a week for 10 tens minutes. My workouts last just over an hour. Avg 65 minutes.

    As I said earlier I am 4 weeks in so here is what I have experienced so far:
    Week 1: Weight gain of 3 pounds all water weight from the creatine. Boners like a middle schooler from the test boost. Nothing other than those two great pros, no cons.
    Week 2: My muscles are looking full with a slight pump increase and vascularity in the gym. Also my mood seemed to be increased, while my morning and random boners were still present. Only slight pros and still no cons besides the awful taste of Ostarine. Weight +4.
    Week 3: Things picked up noticeably this week. I had some sides form the Osta, most people say vision sides are only present with s4 SARM and not with osta, well I am here to say that s4 is either mixed in with my osta or there is def vision sides, this included blue tent at night time and floaters in my vision. My pumps and veins are even better this week. I feel great in the gym with slight increase in strength. I did have some pimples pop up on my face and back. Boners aren't as prevalent but volume of sperm is increased. I was up 5 pounds.
    Week 4: This week would treat me with great rewards! First for the bad: my nipples were increasingly puffy and they started to hurt. I have some gyno mainly in my left nipple that I have always had. Well my nipples got itchy and started to hurt!! NOOOO! So i ordered some forma stanzol to add to the mix, Luckily it got here really fast! thanks mr supps! We will see how well it works for stopping this gyno flare up. I also had even more pimples on my face and back which sux since it is summer and I need to get laid. Now for the pros: the osta def kicked in and it is great. I am starting to look leaner with more muscle (recomp). My lifts are increased across the board about 5-10lbs form two weeks ago. I felt insane energy in the gym and flew through my workouts. I have tendinitis in my elbows from years of hockey and my shoulders pop normally but they havent been bothering me at all the past week+. I have had insane pumps. I looked up at the mirror during trap raises and thought "Oh Sh**, I look like im juicing". I had veins popping out all over the place and my whole body was pumped up, plus with the gyno and acne, and quick change in appearance, it will only be days until I hear "what are you on". I only have a couple more days left on the purus recycle test boost, but i will hardly notice being off of it because of the osta. I think the creatine is helping out too and we will see how the forma works.This week I am up 7lbs from start. So morning weight 169 and walking around at 172lbs. I am starting to look really good.

    Any questions or comments guys? I hope yall find find this to be informational and can use some of the info. Enjoy....

    ps I might add another bottle of Recycle finish off the entire 8 week cycle on it. Do yall think I should keep it how it is, use another bottle, or add a different test boost like DAA or Triazole???

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    No offense, but your cycle is anything but natural. Sarms are not allowed to be discussed here.

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