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    Question Max Trainer M6 - Pre/Post workout Supplements?

    Simple Question - hoping some of you on here may be more knowledgeable on general exercise/fitness and/or supplements than I am and be able to help me out here.

    I have a Bowflex Max Trainer M6. My intent would be to try and use it daily, not just 3x a week, as personally I know I can do it that much. I have the Max Trainer M6 model, which is one of their more higher-end models that combines an elliptical, stair climber and treadmill all into one machine. The idea is you do 14 min workouts, once per day. Before anyone here drills me on using a Bowflex, my friend had one 2 years and lost over 175 lbs on it - was 325 lbs now is more like 150 - and he did nothing but do this 14 min workout, 7 days a week, for almost 2 years now.

    My question and why I need help here is not on the app that comes with the machine or length of use (only 14 min a day) or the machine itself...... or even a warm-up routine prior to getting on.... Rather it is of how to make the MOST of my workouts pre/post with SUPPLEMENTS!

    Yes, I know, using supplements kinda goes against the whole I spent $2,500 on a Bowflex idea. I am not saying I want to ease off the Bowflex and use just supplements, rather I want to utilize them to help my 14 min on this Magnificent Beast!!! I did some research online - but see many different ideas and things to consider, none of which seemed geared towards a small 14-min workout - most are for pre/post Gym workouts or Hour or longer yoga sessions etc etc.

    So what I gathered if I am doing this right, is If I use supplements, I need a pre-workout supplement and mass Protein post-workout to aid in recovery. So what I did was go and buy 2 bottles of "Six Star Pre-Workout N.O. Fury" which basically has 60mg sodium and 4 supplements that total 3,000mg (L-arginine, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, l-arginine HCI and L-citrulline) - It advises me to take 3 capsules (which equal the serving I just listed, that serving is for 3 capsules together)

    Then I purchased a "Purely Inspired Organic Protein Plant-Based Nutrition" which is basically 20g of protein in one scoop and has 7g fiber only 2g sugars and says has active probiotics in it too (woohoo, I don't have digestive issues tho lol - can't hurt I guess) because this is what I read you need (Protein) to help recover your muscles after a workout.

    SO, for the past week, I have tried using these 2 products pre and post-Bowflex Max Trainer workout. I take the 3 pills about 30 min before I use the Max Trainer (as it says to take 30-45 min prior to workouts) so I figure 30 min then my 5 min warm-up before getting on my Max Trainer is 35 min or so maybe a bit longer if I do not start exactly 30 min after taking pills lol. After the 14 min is up I use the protein mix with milk and mix it up and drink it all within 5-7 minutes after getting off the Bowflex.

    My issue is this. A week into this I do not notice **** going on and am wondering if I am over-doing it for such a small workout (14 min vs normal 45-2 hr workouts at a gym) - I mean don't get me wrong after about 20 min of taking the pills my penis is as hard as a steel wall, which is I guess a side effect lol - no complaints there except I don't have libido issues and I am single so there's no one to see the hardness nor have any fun with it

    And while the protein powder may be helping, I sure feel just as dripping wet in sweat and tired/worn out as I used to before taking them. So I don't see that they are really doing **** to help my Bowflex workouts.

    I even have some SlimFast Boosters, Energy + Metabolism pills I am taking daily to help increase and/or speed-up my weight loss journey (Main reason for using Max Trainer, to lose the fat in my stomach and prostate area, not necessarily to gain muscle or a 6-pack lol) - These are chock full of b-12 and Green Tea Leaf and EGCG and other stuff... Maybe I should take these with the pre-workout pills to give me an extra boost of energy for my Bowflex workout? IDK??? (I normally take these 30 minutes before each of my meals as per the directions on a box, but the protein powder could be considered a meal now?

    IDK.... Just trying to figure out what would work best and be best for my body while using the Bowflex. You all who have been on here longer than me, and know general fitness health and maybe, hopefully, supplement health too - (again, longer and more so than me), so can any of you guide me on what to do here, please??? When these run out should I get more or just take nothing? Maybe my workouts at 14 min a day are not enough to warrant needing these? Maybe there are some different pre/post-workout supplements I should or could be taking that would work better than these brands (The brands I got at Wal-Mart, not the cheapest brands nor the most expensive lol - and many ppl online say stay away from whey protein as it has glass in it hence I got the plant-based one)

    IDK, does anyone have advice here? What should I do? I mean if having supplements like this before and after my workout really can help, I will keep using them gladly, just need some reassurance that yes, it's better to keep using than to not use.

    Thanks and sorry for the long text, but I wanted to explain this fully so y'all understand it better and get a full grasp on what I am asking, what I am doing and can help me with advice.
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