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    I need some help with my diet/routine!!! Please help!!!

    So, Im fat and I wanna be thin again. My current goal is fat loss and I will worry about muscle gain once I not long have Man titties. I really need some advice on my diet and routine and anything you got for me will help. Im gonna list everything below and Lemme know what you guys think.
    -Occupation- Cable Guy
    -Work shcedual 6:00 a.m. to 5:30ish p.m.( sometimes I get stuck out late) Sun- Wends
    Workout shecdual- S , M, T, W/ After work I got to the gym-Abs, Traps, forearms, strecthing: Crunches/ Machine, sissor kicks, Leg lifts(Hanging from my forearms on that thing I lift my knees to my chest)- Shrugs - concentrated Forearms curls, revers curls(barbell curls with palms forward)
    Treadmill- 3.5 Mi for two minutes then 5.5 mi for minumum 30min and I usually go longer like 3 Mi or sometime like a hour depending on my workday( If I get off late I spend less time or dont go at all depending how long I was out late)

    Thursday- Biceps and shoulders- Concentrated barbell curls/Machine, alternating dumbell curls, concentrated hammer curls- Military press/Overhead shoulder press, Straight forward dumbell lifts( were you lift a dumbell infront of you?) I need more shoulder workouts, side curls(Were you put your elbow at your side and pull a cable like your closing a door) also I do forearm curls( I wanna have big forearms, Mine are ****ing small as ****/no width)

    Friday- Triceps and chest- Bench press, flys , dumbells press- Overhead tricep extensions, skull crushers, tricep pull downs, dips.

    Saturday- Legs and back- Leg press, legs curls for both sides, and clafs lifts?(I stand on a step and hold a weight and lift with my calfs)- Reverse sit ups, overhead bar pulldowns with wide grip and machine rows( I gotta take is slow with my back I have a lower back issue)

    I also hit the tread mills t,f for a minimum of 30min at 5.5 MPH but not on sat cause I do legs. So I run like 6 days a week, I feel like my S-W works out may be to much of the same to often.

    Diet- Breakfast: Two slices of whole grain bread bowl of cherrios 2% milk, bannanna, 6 Hard boiled egg whites, two carrots, Multi vitamin, calcium tablet, flaxseed tablet, fish oil tablet and xenadrin.
    Lunch- Can of white chicken, apple, bannanna and xenadrin.
    Dinner- Salmon, can of green beans
    Preworkout I try to eat a bannanna and a small amout of meat.
    Like I said I wanna loose about 50 lbs so I can be lean. Also I wanna gain muscle but getting lean is my goal. Do be bashfull here I need some good advice. Thank you. BTW I weigh 214 6 ft tall . 15 inch arms.
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