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    New to the Site - Introduction

    Hey bros, new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a member of several other boards for a while but for whatever reason, never checked out this site before. Anyway, I'm 34, 5'10" and compete in NPC Super Heavyweight class. I did my first show 13 years ago. I did a few within two years then took a break from competing. Had a family, started career, etc and bodybuilding took a back seat and I took a break from lifting all together for a while. Began training again seriously about three years ago and as I began to reach my old form, I wanted to go past where I'd been in the past. After successfully acheiving some goals, I got the itch to compete again. So I started competing again. Just a bit of background about myself. Hopefully I can contribute to this forum and I look forward to meeting some good bros here.
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