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    Att: Anyone who competed in a bodybuilding fitness or figure contest between ‘77-‘04

    1. If you competed in a Florida bodybuilding, fitness or figure contest between 1977 and 2004, and/or the following state and/or National contests (see list below), you finally have the opportunity to acquire your negatives from the official photographer, Doris Barrilleaux. The paragraph below is an excerpt from an article by Doris called "A Blast From The Past" that was published in the January 2009 issue of American Body Plus magazine (originally Florida Muscle News and most recently Southern Muscle Plus):
    "After the 2004 Florida State, I retired from the contest scene, but continue to free lance to magazines in the US, Canada, and France. I have been asked to provide all of my published materials and bodybuilding memorabilia to the Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports housed at the University of Texas in Austin. I would never before part with my negatives. I am now willing to provide negatives and slides to competitors at a reasonable price, dating back to 1977 before they are donated to the archives in Texas. My email is should anyone wish to contact me. Please include the year, contest name, and your competitor number."
    1977-2004 - Hundreds of Florida bodybuilding, fitness and figure contests including:
    1986 - 2000 Florida State
    1986-2004 - NPC Southern States
    1990 - USA and Junior Nationals
    1991 - Teen Masters & Collegiate and N. Carolina State
    1992 - Teen & Collegiate
    1993 - Teen Masters & Collegiate, N. Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and Virginia/Carolina State contests
    1994 - Galaxy, Nationals, Teen Master & Collegiate, USA, Junior Nationals, and N. Carolina State
    1995 - Galaxy, Junior Nationals and N. Carolina State
    1996 - Nationals, Junior Nationals, N. Carolina State
    1997 - N. Carolina State
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    Yes I would love to get my negatives from Doris 4076161544
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