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    In search of strength

    Hi Guys,

    Been a reader for a while only just getting round to posting, I am trying to develop strength and have made some progress since I started. Not masses of progress admittedly but progress non the less.

    Basically I知 looking for some guidance on a lifting program, I知 limited on the days I can Train, I can only reasonably train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I have looked at Ripptoe SS, Wndlers531 and WS4SB and I think with the days that I can train WS4SB is the best option for me.

    This is currently the Split I知 running and will be changed, having read quite widely a body part split is not appropriate for my goals (I think...)

    Weights quoted are based on my last session and the aim is to add a rep or 2.5kg each week.

    Monday Shoulders and Arms (Biceps Focus)

    Millitary Press 5 * 5 (2 lighter sets and 3 working sets of 55kg)
    Millitary press for Reps 5*10
    Side/front Lateral Raise 3*8 7KG (each hand)
    Cable scarecrow 3rd Peg down 15 12 12
    Reverse EZ bar curls 20kg 3*10
    Cable hammer curls 3*10 (42.5 lbs Peg) 8th peg down?
    Cable push Downs 3 * 10

    Tuesday - legs

    Back Squat 5*5 (2 lighter sets and 3 working sets Heavy set of 105kg)
    SLDL/Calf raises 3*10 (SLDL 110kg Calf raise 150kg although actually writing this down im not actually sure if the machine is in KG, all the plate weights are)
    Leg extensions/leg curls (14 Peg/13 peg)

    Thursday Chest and arms (Triceps focus)

    Incline Bench 5 * 5 (2 lighter sets and 3 working sets of 88kg) (changed for a month or so from flat bench)
    Flat Bench for reps 3*10+ / Flat Flye (60KG / 14kg in each hand)
    Body Weight dips 5*10
    Triceps Cable push downs (sigle arm)
    Triceps Kick backs (3*8) 7kg in each hand
    EZ bar Bicep curls 3*10 (25KG)

    Friday Back

    Dead lift 5 * 5 (2 lighter sets and 3 working sets of 140kg)
    Hanging Clean 3 *8 55kg
    Bent over row: 3*10 60kg
    Dumbell Shrug 12 12 10 at 80KG

    My overall goal is strength, vanity does get the better of me and I would like to put some size on but predominantly it is strength I am looking for.

    I read VikingMans WS4SB thread and am considering changing to the below split, for the main lifts on the ME days I think I am looking at working up to 2-3 working sets of 5. When it comes to accessory work on the ME and RE Days I have though quite hard about the supporting lifts and why I am going to use them. I wanted a thought out approach rather than slingin in 10 different curls etc for vanity when they add nothing (admittedly there are curls still in the plan). I have based the template on the post Viking Man did back in 2005/06(I think) It will still be split M,T,T and F and will follow the template VM suggested however I will be following it as Below:

    Monday: ME Upper
    Tuesday ME Lower (dead)
    Thursday; Conditioning and core work
    Friday: RE upper body
    Monday ME Lowe (squat)
    Then restart the cycle.

    I don稚 want mess with the program too much, I知 not experienced enough but I have swopped out a few exercises.

    Monday ME Upper

    Flat Bench
    Pendley Row
    Incline Bench
    Cable scarecrows

    Tuesday ME Lower (Dead)

    Squat 3*8 ( my strength at the bottom of the lift is where I am the weakest so I intend to Pause for a couple of seconds here before exploding up, I want to add 2.5kg each week to the starting weight)
    Weighted Hyper extensions 3*8
    GHR 2*8

    Friday RE Upper body

    Bench Press for Reps 12+
    Pull Ups 4*8
    Shrug 3*12
    EZ bar reverse curls 3*10
    Dips 3*10
    Ab Circuit

    Monday ME lower (squat)

    SLDL/calf raises
    Weighted Hyper extensions 3*8
    GHR 2*8

    Sorry for the ultra wordy post, I知 just looking for some guidance; I think the WS4SB is the appropriate programme for my goals and my schedule. Any comments or criticisms are greatly appreciated.

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