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    Question Cellucor C4 cause stomach bloating?

    Ok so basically I was once an ectomorph, in my teens from 16-18 weighing between 128-133 pounds at 5ft 8. I started working out in January of 2012, eating around 4-5 meals a day, protien shakes, and in March I took Cellucor M5 and loved the results, then in the summer I started taking cellucor C4 and I loved it even more, now since then (which has now been about 8 months I've been steady taking C4 5 days every week as a pre workout supplement). Around the end of the summer and fall time is when I started to notice I was growing a little gut and I've never had a gut before I've always been skinny all my life with a very fast metabolism and noone in my family has weight problems so I know it's not hereditary, now in Feb. 2012 my gut is absolutely worst and bigger, I keep it sucked in when I walk around and when I let it out it kinda looks like I'm pregnant. Since Jan of 2011 to now I went from weighing 130 to 185..I realize maybe 10 pounds has to be water weight because my muscle is pretty solid and Ive gotten very strong and still getting stronger, benching 285 for 3 reps..Now since Jan. this year I've quit drinking soda, paid more attention to what I've been eating, and even running and riding the bike at the gym and it only seems like my gut is getting worst, could it be the Cellucor C4 that is causing this gut?
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