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    Unhappy Pain in forearm when lifting.

    Been a long time since I posted, but i've returned to ask some questions.

    Well, one. Mostly.

    So when I lift, more specifically, when I do a sort of bicep curl motion, my forearms begin to experience a pain, on the outter side mostly, and it doesn't FEEL like a kind of tendonitis or muscle fatigue. Very different. For lack of a better word, it almost feels like the bone is bending, on the verge of green stick fracturing or something. A sort of dull, but heavy pain. I've never experience this before in my life, ever, until I started training. It even started to linger after gym visits. I stopped training for a while, went a little lighter on the weights, then it seemed to go away.

    But I went to the gym recently, decided to push myself. I can't get bigger if I don't try to "lift heavy", or so i've been told. The pain is back - though this time it doesn't last very long after the exercise like last time. Last time, even lifting light objects made the pain return. I don't want to exacerbate the pain, and it is keeping me from training as hard.

    I work at a sports bar full of meat heads, one of them went to school for some specific discipline in medicine, but suggested it might be something related to Wolff's Law, the concept that my bones haven't adapted to the stress, and so they pain under the pressure of heavy ass weights.

    I am curious to know what anyone thinks of this. If this Wolff effect is in play, how am I supposed to lift heavy if the weights hurt my bones? I can't gradually apply more weight if just a tiny bit outside my comfort zones cause it hurt. I don't want to also impede myself by over exertion. Or something. I don't really know what i'm doing, but I know there's a wealth of knowledge here. I've done some searches, a majority of them suggest some form of tendon pain - but I am 90% sure that's not it. So, even speculation included, has anyone else experienced this? How can I move past this?
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