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    Critique/ add to my BASIC bodybuilding diet guide for BEGINNERS

    typed this out in another thread but thought it might deserve its own, most of it is pretty well known basic stuff but i tried to gear it towards beginners looking for quick simple answers to common questions about cutting and LEAN/slow bulking, as well as very basic tips for lifting and cardio. You can add to it/critique it and then i will post a more finalized version in the fat loss, nutrition, and teen forums.

    TO cut bodyfat: Eat CLEAN food sources DENSE in nutrients and light in calories for best results. Calculate your DAILY CALORIE MAINTENANCE- this is the amount of calories your body will burn in an average day taking EVERYTHING INTO ACCOUNT. At this number of calories your weight will stay the same. Subtract 300-500 from this and eat this amount of food every day. Get at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. for a starting point, shoot for 45 percent of your calories to come from protein, 30 percent from carbs, and 25-30% from FAT. Yes I said FAT. Eating FAT does not make you FAT, extra ENERGY (calories) not being expended or used in the creation of muscle mass are what makes one FAT. There are online calculators to determine maintenance calories witha google search. Websites like fitday can help you track the foods you eat and how many calories they are/their MACROnutrient makeup. (MACRONUTRIENTS=PROTEINS, FATS, AND CARBOHYDRATES). see how much weight you lose week to week. Look to drop 4-10 lbs in the first week (excess water weight/carb bloat), then track your progress each week. if you see you are not losing 1-2 lbs a week, drop cals by 1-200 per day and track for another week. This is THE MOST BASIC FORM OF A "CUTTING" DIET. THERE ARE INFINITE APPROACHES AND METHODS FOR CUTTING SUCH AS INTERMITTENT FASTING, KETOSIS, CARB CYCLING, LOW CARB, HIGH CARB, LOW FAT, HIGH FAT YOU NAME IT. THIS IS MEANT TO SERVE AS A VERY BASIC ROUGH OUTLINE FOR NEW DIETERS TO EASILY UNDERSTAND. ALWAYS WEIGH IN FIRST THING IN THE MORNING AND ONLY IF YOUR DIET WAS CONSISTENT THE DAY BEFORE-CHEAT MEALS/LOTS OF CARBS MAKE YOU RETAIN WATER-YOU COULD BE 6 POUNDS HEAVIER THAN THE LAST TIME YOU WEIGHED IN BUT STILL HAVE DROPPED BODYFAT.

    excellent foods for cutting bodyfat include- chicken or turkey breast, sliced ham, any lean meat, brown rice, any veggies, hot peppers(capsaicin is a natural thermogenic) greek yogurt, protein powder, skim milk, oats, bananas, whole grain breads (REAL whole grains, as in chunks of seeds and nuts and **** in the bread homie), lettuce is effective for filling you up with few calories just dont go crazy on the dressing, natural no sugar added peanut butter, olive oil bread dip for healthy fats, lean steak or ground beef, low sodium chili recipes, v8 juice, EGGS are a staple in any bodybuilding diet, egg whites as well. anything sugary such as soda or candy, white bread, fruits, grape jelly etc is excellent for immediately after your daily workout. Aim to get a lot of fat and protein in at breakfast- this will leave you satiated all day. for example i eat a whole grain flatbread with tons of cream cheese, a double scoop whey shake, and 4 whole eggs with jalepeno slices every morning.

    Supplements for cutting include: fish oil for heart/joint health+well being, multivitamin every other day to ensure all MICROnutrient needs are met, green tea extract for thermogenic effects, caffiene, nicotine, protein powder of course, creatine to help retain strength (will cause water retention be aware when weighing yourself). Some people take EC stack (ephedrine and caffiene) but i stay away from it because i sweat like a ****phile at recess and get jittery when i take it.

    Clean and lean slow bulking: same deal broseph. Everything above applies only difference is the amount of calories. shoot for 300 above maintenance and lift like your life depends on it.

    lifting: use intensity. as a beginner the gains will be fast and huge. Add weight or reps EVERY workout, if you can't then just do it the next time. Do a simple upper/lower split for best results as a beginner. Must-have lifts for building a brick ****house include-bench press, bent over rows, overhead press, squats, deadlifts, pullups, and dips. You can get big and certainly strong doing these movements alone but you will probably want to add in your own accessory work for your "showoff" muscles such as curls, calf raises, shrugs, skullcrushers.

    as you get to lower and lower bodyfats percentages, or as your activity level changes, your maintenance calories will obviously change. You can tell when you need to switch it up through your weekly weigh ins- dont make a change unless you stall for more than a week. I reccomend cheating once every 1-2 weeks with ONE big cheat meal that has lots of carbs (still eat everything else normally in your diet that day). this will keep you strong and your metabolism firing. Lastly drink at least a gallon of water per day, bulking or cutting. easiest way to keep track is to have a gallon jug ready to go in the am and make sure that bitch is gone by the end of the day. this will keep water retention to a minimum and optimize your gains (nobody gets anabolic when they are dehydrated- it just doesnt work. Lots of water is ESSENTIAL.) if your piss has color (unless you take vitamins which make piss neon yellow) your not drinking enough water.

    CARDIO is not necessary though some may find it moves things along quicker. Personally i see no reason to exclude cardio- the health benefits are huge, it helps your lifting, gives you a great sense of well being, and shapes you into a more well-rounded athelete. It will also allow you to consume more calories while cutting-somethings endomorphs desperately need to cut successfully. The most effective cardio for burning calories and building endurace is NOT JOGGING nor is it walking, slowly biking, or anything that doesnt make you out of breath and very sweaty very fast. the same principles of lifting apply for cardio- intensity is key, and to truly make good progress you need to push HARDER, FASTER, or LONGER than your last workout. Incrdibly effective cardio DOES include: fast swimming, fast cycling, sprints, uphill sprints, rounds on the heavy bag etc. HIIT is what some call it- high intensity interval training. You can turn any cardio into hiit whether it be biking, swimming, boxing, wrestling, tire flipping, competitive pogo-sticking etc you get the idea. timed bursts of all out energy expenditure at maximum speed in intervals between longer rest periods. 4 30 second all out SPRINTS are more effective for building endurance than 15 mins at 6.5 mph on the treadmill. if your walking to lose weight you might as well walk on out of the gym and to the nearest mcdonalds because you aern't doing jack **** unless you are morbidly obese and walking is hard for you.
    there you go. Keep in mind building your body takes YEARS not weeks. it is truly a marathon not a sprint. the dedication required to cut for long periods of time is immense, but if a lazy ass like me can do it anyone can.

    motivation is fleeting- true results come from dedication and sacrifice. nobody ever got big and lean by making excuses- they did it by going to the gym and eating tasteless food for months on end (either that or cell tech)

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