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    Smile GHRP-2/CJC 1295 log

    I had a little time right now so I thought I would set up my log for when I start my first peptide cycle.

    I will be running:

    GHRP-2/CJC 1295 150mcg 3x per day- morning, post workout, pre bed.

    Big thank you to Labpe Peptide for choosing me to be a part of their lab rat promo.

    Big thanks to OldSchoolLifter for helping me to put a protocol together because I'll admit that I didnt know much about peptides before this. Since being chosen I have researching peptides non stop. I feel like I have the basics down at this point.

    My stats:

    1) age 24

    2) 6"1, ~13bf% 195-198(it fluctuates depending on when I weigh myself) Im not a BB but an athlete. I would be able to review how these peps preform from an athletic point of view. weight gain, recovery, athletic performance, etc.
    3) training since Im 5 years old. in the gym since 16, 5 years with a professional trainer.

    4) diet- 4000-5000 extremely clean calories

    5) training routine- morning 2 hours sport training, afternoon 1-2 hours of either cardio, sprints, plyometrics, or a combination of the three. evening- 2hour intense gym workout.

    this^^^ is my routine when Im out of comp. I do it 5 days then 1 or 2 days off. I will have a few weeks of this routine leading up to some competitions where I hope to be in the best shape of my life and the healthiest I've ever been.

    What Im looking to get out of this cycle: some fat loss, increased recovery time, increased athletic performance, help heal a few nagging injuries that I have.
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    great,will follow.
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    Update? Just had my hormones tested and am about to start ghrp-2 next week.
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