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    4 Day Split Questions

    Hey guys I’m new to a four day split and I was wondering what you guys think about my program. I’m currently at 161 lbs and my goal is 185. I’m eating around 3000 calories daily. Monday- Chest and Triceps, Tuesday- Back and Biceps, Wednesday off, Thursday- Legs, Friday- Shoulders, traps and abs. My routine looks like this: Monday I do 5x5 bench press, 5x5 incline, 3x10 flys, 3x10 cable push downs, 3x10 skull crushers, 3x10 over head dumbbell press. Tuesday I do 5x5 row, 3x10 lat pull down, 3x10 single arm dumbbell row, 3x10 curls, 3x10 cable curls, 3x10 preacher curls. Thursday I do 5x5 back squat, 3x10 single leg rod, 3x10 goblin squat, 3x10 hamstring curl, 3x10 leg extension, and 3x10 weighted calf raises. Friday I do 5x5 military press, 3x10 side raises and front raises, 3x10 reverse flys, 3x10 shrugs, and an ab workout like barbell rollouts.
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