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    Smile A "Critique My Diet" thread with lots of info!

    Hi guys, I need some advice on my diet plan. I've been using these forums for a few weeks to gather information. You folks do a great job at posting and sharing a wealth of helpful, relevant, and accurate information. Thank you guys a ton.

    So anyways, I've seen a few "Critique my Diet" threads get ignored or not get any help because they didn't have enough information, and didn't ask clear enough questions.

    So heres some Information - I am 18 years old, male, around 118 lbs, and I have determined I have 11% BF with a fairly accurate measuring tape method. I am already a fairly lean person. My goal is to gain lean muscle mass, without gaining any more BF.

    I guess you could say what I am doing is a clean bulk. I aim to gain 2-4 or so lbs of lean muscle mass a month. I will be working out regularly at 4:30 on M/W/F. Using the calculations found in the stickies in this forum, and including the 20% surplus to allow muscle growth, I have found that I should be consuming approximately;

    2400 calories per day
    150 grams of protein per day
    75 grams of good fats per day
    240 grams of carbs per day
    I will also be using a 25 g whey and water protein shake with 1 banana immediately PW three times a week, which will not be included in my calorie and macro count.

    First question: Is this a sufficient amount of macros and calories to ensure I gain lean muscle mass, while keeping my BF% low?

    Second Question: Is not counting my PW meal in my counts OK? Im assuming the extra protein and carbs 3 times a week isn't enough to put me "over the edge" and create a surplus large enough to trigger BF production?

    My food sources will be mostly wholesome, and as little processed as possible. Whole wheat everything, fresh fruits and veggies, brown rice, sweet potatoes, lean steaks and ground beef, chicken breasts, canned tuna, eggs, turkey, lots of fresh fish, etc. etc. Although, I will indulge and have a dessert once in a while, or have a fast food burger once a week. Everything in moderation. 10-20% dirty, and the rest clean. Also, Im not new to cooking healthy meals, Im just new to combining them in an organized manner to achieve a goal.

    So here is my rough layout of macros in my meals throughout the day. All of them will be complete meals. (With the exception of before bed, which is a protein and milk shake with some PB) I've read tons of information on meal frequency, and I've decided that the smaller, but more frequent meals will work best for me, keeping my body in an anabolic state as often as possible. Hey, its worked for millions, and I think its a safe starting point for me. Ill be focusing less on counting calories, as I will be counting accurate macros. (Since my food sources are mainly good, I can assume the 4/4/9 rule is fairly accurate and I will get enough calories in total from my food sources.)

    7:00 - Breakfast
    - 25 grams of protein
    - 40 grams of carbs
    - 15 grams of good fats

    10:00 - Morning Snack
    - 25 grams protein
    - 50 grams of carbs
    - 10 grams of good fats

    1:00 - Lunch
    - 20 grams protein
    - 50 grams carbs
    - 15 grams of fat

    3:30 - After Class
    - 25 grams of protein
    - 40 grams of carbs
    - 10 grams of good fats

    7:00 - Dinner
    - 30 grams of protein
    - 50 grams of carbs
    - 15 grams of fats

    9:00 - Before Bed (Protein in milk with PB)
    - 25 grams of protein
    - 10 grams of carbs
    - 10 grams of fat

    Question 3: Does this seem like an adequate distribution of my meals and macros throughout the day? It wont change really between Workout/Rest days with the exception of PW protein/water shake and banana.

    Feel free to challenge anything I have written, as I am here to learn, and Id like to make sure everything I think I know is correct and will work.

    Thank you a ton to anyone brave enough to make it through all that. If I ever figure out how to give reps, Ill rep away.

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