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    Long term BPH sufferer.

    Saw palmetto helps a bit. Lots of things make it worse, including various nasal decongestants etc.
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    I have been diagnosed with chronic prosatitis and have had it for about 4 months now. I know its bacterial because I got the symptoms immediately after sexual relations with a rando. I'm 26 and this is killing me. My symptoms are a stinging feeling at the tip of my unit and a soreness in my testicles. Also my libido has significantly decreased, which is causing some depression I think.

    I have seen 3 different Urologists and have had my share of rectal exams. They say it feels "tinder and slightly inflamed." I was prescribed doxy for 10 days, I felt much better off the bat but it came back at day 10. They gave me 3 months worth of doxy but by day 8 I wasn't noticing any relief. They then put me on Cipro for 10 days. I started getting terrible joint pain from the cipro so they told me to stop. My symptoms started to go away on Cirpo. So I went to a different Urologist and they prescribed me Cipro (and flowmax) again but at a lower dose to not effect my joints. I still feel some joint pain but not nearly as bad. (im scared for any long term effects on my joints)

    I can't tell if it is helping my symptoms yet but I'm continuing to take it. This whole ordeal is really starting to effect my mental health. I'm getting severe anxiety attacks (could be due to the Cipro) and am starting to feel depressed and alone in this fight. There is some good insight on these boards and I'm going to pick up some Saw Palmetto and Broccoli broth.

    Anyone have any tricks to help their mental wellness? Its really effecting my job and I can hardly focus on anything because prostatitis is constantly on my mind and I'm afraid I'll never get back to being myself again. (I've been fappin daily, not sure if it helps at all)

    I would love any tips and advice.... My tips and advice to anyone else out there is to WRAP IT UP!!! I would give anything to go back and change that.
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    Take: saw palmetto, pygeum (high dose), pumpkin seeds, cooked tomato (NOT raw)

    Do; ejaculate frequently and regularly,prostate massage with Aneros.

    Drink lots of water.
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    Hopefully this helps someone

    What is Prostatitis? Anyone who has it knows. Simply put Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate. Prostatitis as a medical condition is the main reason males under the age of 50 will see a Urologist. Prostatitis can be diagnosed as Bacterial/Non-bacterial and symptoms can often vary in relevance and severity. Symptoms can include trouble urinating, painful urination, incomplete urination, frequent urination, painful erections, painful ejaculations, rectal pain, pelvic pain and blood in the urine. Pain in the penis and testicles are also common along with partial or full erectile dysfunction.

    Despite the large amount of cases worldwide little is understood about Prostatitis especially in non-bacterial cases. Your Urologist may attempt to diagnose it as Bacterial/Non-bacterial but in my experience (4 respected Urologists) most will not. Most will just say "Prostatitis". American medicine's first line of defense against Prostatitis after diagnosis is almost always prescribing a drug from fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics which include levofloxacin (Levaquin), ofloxacin (Floxin), gatifloxacin (Tequin), norfloxacin (Noroxin), moxifloxacin (Avelox), trovafloxacin (Trovan) and others. Prescribed mostly to treat infections these are considered by many some of the most dangerous antibiotics in modern medicine due to their harmful side effects on the body.

    Despite the fact that these drugs are commonly prescribed as a first attack on the Prostatitis, it is estimated that between 75-90% are NON-BACTERIAL. If a Prostatitis case is bacterial then discharge from the penis can be examined under a microscope to determine this but in most cases no actual infection is present. You will likely be prescribed one of these drugs anyway because quite frankly most urologists don't have any "better" treatment options for you and certainly don't want you leaving empty handed. You're told to give it a try and see what happens.. which is usually nothing. The end result is you're consuming these drugs for absolutely no reason because their is no infection present, only damaging your body further with the heavy effects of the fluoroquinolone class. So at this point you're asking yourself what the hell prostatitis actually is and how you're supposed to treat it once your Urologist has run out of ideas and drugs. Here is the answer. Prostatitis is in almost all non-bacterial cases TREATABLE as a muscle tension disorder. Muscle tension in even moderate amounts can have a debilitating effect on our body and it's functionality.

    The Prostate has an interesting anatomical location in terms of what makes it so sensitive to even moderate muscle tension. It's basically placed right in the center of all the muscles that we use in every step we take, so the location is very hyperactive. The glutes, hips, pelvic floor, pelvis and abdomen immediately surround the prostate from all angles and the postural position of these muscles are just as much supported by the legs as anything else. When these surrounding areas of the prostate shift positions whether it be due to postural slack, overuse or pure weakness, it will result in the same fatigue over long amounts of time eventually compressing the prostate and causing symptoms.

    In conjunction with my theory of Prostatitis being a muscle disorder, I can also confirm (through my personal case) that these muscle disorders can be neurologically based. What does that mean? To understand what I mean you must understand what "Atlas Subluxation" is as a medical condition. Briefly, Atlas Subluxation is an impingement of the brain stem caused by C1 or C2 in the neck. Amid countless other possible complications, this impingement cuts off flow to your central nervous system resulting in completely unnatural muscle tension that often times we can't even recognize until its become severe in a sensitive place. The muscles surrounding the prostate becoming tense creates that sensitive place we begin to be able to recognize this muscle tension through what we call "Prostatitis". This is why many who suffer from Prostatitis aren't just suffering from one health problem, they are suffering from many. This is because the health of the central nervous system affects the health of the entire body.

    So how is all of this fixed? My absolute first recommendation is to go to and find a doctor to evaluate the health of your upper cervical vertebrae. DO NOT JUST GO TO A REGULAR CHIROPRACTOR, THIS IS A SPECIALTY. Most regular chiropractors will not even acknowledge the possibility of this condition, go to someone who is trained specifically through NUCCA. They are the experts. Secondly, anyone who is suffering from Prostatitis is likely going to have to make substantial lifestyle changes because just as your body did not fall apart overnight, it's not going to come back together overnight. Lifestyle changes will speed the process up quite a bit. These include things like diet, exercise and self care. A lean physique is ideal for becoming more aware of your posture and not having excess weight in fat is crucial to being able to rebuild your posture. Work on creating a muscle building diet of real, unprocessed foods. Bad posture and excess weight together is one of the most devastating things for your body to handle 24/7 so take priority of this. In terms of exercise i recommend starting off slow. Whether your muscles are tight or weak it doesn't matter they are extremely sensitive in either state. Walking, light stretching and yoga can be a great starting point for all ages. It's also important to ejaculate every 2 or 3 days to release pressure from the prostate. Lastly in terms of self care it is important to keep a healthy mind. Remove unneccessary stresses and be gentle with yourself as there is no concept more real than the concept of the mind to muscle connection. That takes the most practice but also offers the most benefit. I thoroughly recommend doing your own research on muscle tension and finding tips and tricks that work best for you.

    I'm not a Doctor. I'm not a self proclaimed anatomical genius. I'm a former patient who also thought his life was going to be over after acquiring a serious case of prostatitis. I spent 2 miserably life changing years attempting every trick in the book to cure myself with no success, only worsening pain. This theory once I discovered it worked in weeks and it makes sense that this could be a universal answer to Prostatitis. Muscle Tension. God Bless, I wish the best to all who are attempting to cure this miserable disease.
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    Thanks to all that have posted on this forum. Ive had bacterial prostatitis for 4 months now & knowing that there are others who have beat this horrible condition definitely helps me keep the faith that there's a light at the end of this dark tunnel (its been the worst 4 months of my life)

    My symptoms started a few weeks after having sex with a new girl I was dating - intense, unbearable pain & constant feeling of needing to pee. After a few days, it got so bad that I couldnt sleep at night. Went to a doctor right away & did all the std tests but everything came up negative. He prescribed cipro even thou he said there was no trace of any infection. I started feeling immediate relief. I thought that was the end of it but after about a week, other symptoms (typical prostatitis symptoms) started to emerge. From there, went thru multiple doctors & urologists that were all pretty useless. Basically they just kept extending my Cipro prescription and said good luck. After doing more research & realizing I had to take matters into my own hands, I was lucky to find a specialist that treats prostatitis patients. He did a thorough analysis, prostate drainage & determined that it was indeed bacterial and needed to rotate thru multiple antibiotics. He explained that most likely, I picked up a UTI (urinary tract infection) thru sex which then spread into the prostate. Once the bacteria gets into the prostate, it wreaks havoc & becomes difficult to treat as its hard for antibiotics to penetrate into the prostate. He mentioned that even with the prostate fluid analysis, its difficult to determine all the different bacterias which may be present. Quite commonly there's more than one bacteria present which is why its rare that one single antibiotic will do the trick (unless you're lucky). I've been rotated thru 5 different antibiotics so far. Seen some improvements but still dealing with the horrible symptoms. Trying to stay positive and keep hope but some days can be very tough as its ruining my life. My social life & dating/sex life have pretty much grinded to a halt & lost interest in doing pretty much everything else I used to enjoy. My symptoms: Constant pressure on my bladder & urge to pee, painful to sit down for too long and also pain in my left testical. No libido/ed issues but ejaculating causes my symptoms to flare up and results in atleast 2-3 days of increased pain (so sex is out of the question right now).

    On top of the antibiotics, I'm also including some of the common prostate natural supplements/remedies (pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto, broccoli broth and lots of hot baths and/or using heating pads), but i've yet to find any permanent relief.

    My heart goes out to all other sufferers out there. Would love to hear more stories from people who have beat this thing (and how) as I think it helps those currently dealing with it to keep faith that one day this will be just a bad memory. It definitely breaks you down mentally. I can only hope that I will feel normal again one day.
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    Do you have pain in the p****/glans .. like twitching pain that could appear suddenly.
    My issue was worst during yr1 and it was not mainly prostate I think, but the glans. I did had bladder and urging to urinate in year 1-2, but now its gone.
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    bacteria in prostate becomes resistant very quickly its why you must use the FULL DOSE long term. for doxycycline usually 100mg twice a day for 3 months whilst avoiding all unprotected sex and oral and sometimes taking it 3 times a day. Look into professor malone lee and dr stewart bundrick and familiarise yourself with embedded infections (infections that don't show on urine analysis) and give long term antibiotics a shot. Don't stop early or symptoms will inevitably return.
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