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    Dieting on the go

    I'm just someone who had a lot of issues trying to go out to eat with friends and or family while staying within my macro guidelines I had set for myself. A lot of time wasted browsing through restaurant website searching for a nutritional pdf, and then trying to navigate that on my phone and find something that worked for me.

    When I first created this a few years back, I was mostly concerned with calories, so the initial release was just a simple web app that only showed calories. I have had a lot of requested for features which lead to me growing it from only a site that showed calories to an app that allowed for much more.

    You can now filter your meals by lifestyles like Keto and Gluten Free to even further find what fits you best. I know a lot of meals people order from these places are full on customization's to fit their diet and I plan to have a guide of the most popular up soon as well.

    Hope some of you find it useful i have made a website and app for both Apple and Android platforms called Caloriecap
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