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    Unhappy Hernia surgery 1 year later Still hurt what is your advice? PLEASE!!!

    Ok i have had 2 inguinal hernia surgery first right then left.Right side 2 years left side 1 year ago. I have had 3 abdominal strains since then and every now and again i have sharp pains over the areas. Im worried, i wont lie im enlisting in the marine core in 4 months after i finish college fall semester and im in pain after certain lifts on certain days. I can explain it because i can use the same weight even increase the weight and not be in pain. But then some days i will just start hunching over because of the pain and call my lifting session short. I get this pain from, bench/squat/mp/ most of them time. I cut out standing heavy curls because i KNOW FOR A FACT THAT IS HOW I CONTRACTED MY SECOND ONE, for those guys out there who treat curling like a power lift i highly fukn advise u to head my warning and stop. The amount of strain even in good controlled reps with heavy weight with that lift is just to strenuous for the human body. Every smart lifer i know warned me i wish i listened on that. What are the chances of a reoccurring, i am 100 that i had a mesh surgery. My doctor said i am fine only have a abdominal strain he recommended an mri, which i will be getting now because i cant not afford any chances.

    So heavy lifter who had this operation, do you still lift heavy, how do you avoid these pains and how have you strengthened you abdominals. Thanks to anyone who answers this because i am stressing on this everyday my life depends on me keeping this under control i cant have another miss hap.
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