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    Question Anybody help with diet? Need more sleep or cals?

    Hi First ill start with my body stats, I'm 5'9, 180 pounds, about 9-10% bodyfat. My macros are 120g protien, 360g carbs, and 53g fat, around 2400 calories. For exercise Ill do about an hour a day, sometimes more, 6 days a week. Lift weights 2 days a week, and cardio every day, mostly p90x cardio, aka plyometrics, cardio x, yoga, and core synergistics. Sleep about 7.5 hours a night, drink about a gallon and a half of water a day.

    My goal is to cut bodyfat% to see my abs and also get better at jiu jitsu, But I get tired during the evening, I took a scoop of jack3d just so I could stay awake, should I up the cals or sleep more? How does my food look?

    Heres what my daily meals look like.

    meal 1 7:00 shredded wheat cereal, skim milk, fish oil, multivitamin
    pro 30 carb 118 fat 6 cal 590

    workout cardio 8:30 2 scoops jack3d

    meal 2 9:30 after workout low sodium peanutbutter honey bananna sandwhich on whole wheat bread
    pro 17 carb 86 fat 19 cal 555

    meal 3 12:00 1 can pork n beans
    pro 21 carb 80.5 fat 3.5 cal 385

    meal 4 2:30 1 srv almonds 1 apple sauce
    pro 6 carb 27 fat 15 cal 250

    meal 5 6:00 chicken and mxd veggies
    pro 52 carb 33 fat 5 cal 400
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