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    Good information! My question is I don't have the best appetite most of the time I don't eat breakfast sometimes not even lunch usually just dinner. I know this isn't healthy and I really want to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. I have other issues also as far as dealing with chronic pain from car accidents. I've heard it's good to eat 6 small meals daily. Would love any advice on this! Could I supplement some meals with protein shakes? Wanting to lose weight & build muscle in a healthy way I'm completely new to all of this have never counted calories just try and eat healthy portions. Any advise would be appreciated
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    thank you for this post! I needed it!!
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    Please, could anyone check if my nutrition plan is fine?

    I'm trying to gain muscle, and I have 70kg and 1,74cm of height. My actual macros are: 172gr protein, 80 gr fat and 300 gr carbs.

    I am going to gym 4 times a week doing a upper/lower split (the viking routine).
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