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    Good information! My question is I don't have the best appetite most of the time I don't eat breakfast sometimes not even lunch usually just dinner. I know this isn't healthy and I really want to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. I have other issues also as far as dealing with chronic pain from car accidents. I've heard it's good to eat 6 small meals daily. Would love any advice on this! Could I supplement some meals with protein shakes? Wanting to lose weight & build muscle in a healthy way I'm completely new to all of this have never counted calories just try and eat healthy portions. Any advise would be appreciated
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    thank you for this post! I needed it!!
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    Please, could anyone check if my nutrition plan is fine?

    I'm trying to gain muscle, and I have 70kg and 1,74cm of height. My actual macros are: 172gr protein, 80 gr fat and 300 gr carbs.

    I am going to gym 4 times a week doing a upper/lower split (the viking routine).
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    Interesting thread. Thanks! Definitely bookmarked
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    Macro help needed

    Hello all,

    I was hoping someone could give me some advice where I'm going wrong.

    Ok, so I'm 6'2 male, age 31 and currently 203lbs, 19% body fat. I've been going to the gym for 5 years now, 4-5 times a week, usually pretty heavy weights followed by some cardio. Over the years I've become very strong but I've never been able to get lean and have the stubborn love handles. I was a fat kid and have a few fat relatives, I think I'm genetically programmed to gain strength relatively easily but to store fat.

    I decided to give the Macro Nutrition a go and for the first time I am measuring everything I eat and preparing food in advance ect.

    According to the calculations I should have a 3000 cal maintenance intake and 2400cal to loose weight, 203g of protein, 200g carbs and 40g of fat

    So I have stuck to this religiously, measuring all ingredients and keeping a food diary for 5 weeks, apart from one cheat night out beers. I have upped the gym efforts, now doing 5 times a week, 1 hour of weights followed by a 5k run

    Fitness has definitely increased but scales say I'm still around 203lbs in the morning and there doesn't seem to be any obvious fat loss.

    I noticed that the Macro Nutrition targets even at the reduced cals is still way way more food than I used to eat before, and I found it a real struggle to actually consume this in a day. I wasn't counting before but I estimate I was maintaining weight at around 1800 cal a day.

    Do I need to drop my calorie intake further for it to be effective, but if so then it's not possible make the Macro targets.
    Anyone have any theories where I'm going wrong, or is it just going to take more time?
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